Each browser will give you the ability to connect but only Google Chrome presently has all capabilities enabled to share your screen and utilize any plugins.

  1. Chrome 
    1. Best browser to use with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
    2. Link for plugin to utilize sharing capabilities.
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari


To get have a great sound experience it is highly suggested that you do not use your built in speaker and microphone in your device. If you do, this will cause a feedback loop and an echo for everyone in the session. It is recommended that you can use a headset and the built in microphone in your device but there are a several microphone/headset combinations that will help you hear better and be heard clearly during the session.

  • Logitech H570e Wired USB Stereo Headset
  • Logitech USB Headset H390
  • Plantronics Blackwire 5220 USB Type-A Stereo On-Ear Headset

  • Any Bluetooth Enabled Headset or Ear-buds you like (Air-pods, Beats Wireless, etc.)


If you do not want to use the camera on your laptop/device, here are some recommended ones you can use.

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