If you are planning to defend your thesis this semester, please make sure you complete the following steps:

  1. File a Graduate Program of Study Form with advisor 
    1. If approved, submit to Graduate School, 304 Lyman Hall
  2. Form a committee (immediately if not already accomplished) of four professors, one your advisor, and three others (one may, but need not be, outside of the department) in the department.
  3. Schedule a defense meeting with this committee.
  4. Complete all of your coursework including finishing any incompletes.
  5. Submit a Request for Examination Form at least three weeks prior to intended defense day.
  6. Submit thesis to committee members at least two weeks before day of defense.
  7. Review the Before the Defense Checklist.
  8. Hold the defense. If successful, file a diploma request, which is a link on your MySlice page. There is paperwork for the faculty to submit to the graduate school.
  9. Do everything on the Dissertation/Thesis Submittal Checklist 

Important deadlines for each step.

Information about participating in commencement.

General graduation requirements.