Arrange a Setnor recital at the recital lottery or with the Michelle Taylor in the Operations office in 301 Crouse College or at

Printable Recital Procedures PDF 142KB

Two Months Before the Recital

  1. Select a recital committee (jury) consisting of:
    1. Your major teacher
    2. Another teacher from your area
    3. A third faculty member from a different area
    4. You may have more than three jurors. All the jurors MUST be able to attend the recital.
  2. Set a pre-recital jury date (no later than 3 weeks before recital). You are responsible for scheduling this with your jurors. You must book room/date/time in the operations office with the operations graduate assistant.

Four Weeks Before the Concert

  • Submit the services request form available on the website. This MUST be submitted online – DO NOT PRINT and turn in a hard copy.
    • Please note that any audio amplification or special technical requests must be discussed with Kevin Muldoon, and any applicable payment must be turned in to Marie Luther in Room 204 Crouse College.
    • If harpsichord will be needed, you MUST arrange for tuning with Bob Lee four weeks in advance and arrange for additional tuning and for additional staffing for the performance.
  • Your concert will be listed on the website. Please send any additional publicity information to no later than four weeks prior to the concert, to ensure detailed inclusion in calendar. 
    • Include Date, Time, Place, Instrument, Class Year, Major, Guest Artists, and Brief Description of Repertoire.

Three Weeks Before the Concert

  1.  Perform a pre-recital jury, bringing with you:
      1. Student Pre-Recital Jury Form (Form PRJ)
        1. This must get signed by committee at PRJ! This form must be typed and submitted online. Print the copy you receive back in your email and bring it to your jury. PLEASE DO NOT PRINT THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN BY HAND.
      2. Four typed copies of your recital program
  2. After the successful completion of the jury:

    1. Turn in the completed Student Pre-Recital Jury Form (Form PRJ) to room Dr. Jill Coggiola

    2. Submit program template form – BE SURE THIS IS APPROVED by your teacher! (or you will need to make the program yourself)

    3. Schedule Dress Rehearsal; 1 hour is allowed, if available; arrange for keys with graduate students in room 301 – this is your responsibility – if you do not make arrangements in advance, you may not be able to access the hall!

    4. Rehearsals are not staffed, so please be prepared to take care of all set up, and return the auditorium to proper set up after your rehearsal.

Two Weeks Before the Concert

  • You may post a maximum of 10 posters announcing your concert no sooner than 2 weeks before the concert. Posters cannot be placed on glass or in classrooms, elevator, restrooms or offices (they will be removed). They may only be posted on bulletin boards and lockers. Please remove them immediately afterward.
    • If you have not already done so, email the completed template to Michelle Taylor at Make sure this is approved by your teacher!
  • The office will proofread, make copies, and will deliver your program to your concert.
  • The office does not arrange for program notes, translations or inserts. These are entirely your responsibility.
  • If you miss the program deadline, it is your responsibility to produce the program on your own. We will NOT send out reminders. If you do not turn items in on time, we CANNOT process them.


For your own reference only.

These are links to campus departments you may find helpful in planning your event. You may not need to use these services – the list is included just to be of assistance.


The language below can be used to send to concert-goers for most events, but please contact Parking if you have any specific questions, as the campus schedule can greatly impact availability.

For most events, free and accessible concert parking is available on campus in the Q1 lot, conveniently located behind the Crouse College building. If Q1 parking is unavailable, guests will be rerouted to another lot by the parking attendant. Campus parking availability is subject to change, so please check the event calendar for details.

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