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Description of user experience changes to MySlice portal and applications related to it resulting from Shibboleth / SSO integration

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Topic Overview

As of January 5, 2020, MySlice will be integrated with the Syracuse University single sign on (SSO) system. This integration will allow you to log in to multiple platforms (e.g., Blackboard, Degree Works, etc.) with one click while also creating a sleeker login experience on desktop and mobile devices.

New-Look Login Page Design

The updated login page (shown below) retains key information while adding some important functions:

  1. Critical information banner – Will display as events warrant.
  2. SU NetID Login – For students, faculty and staff.  
  3. Other Myslice User – For parents, proxy accounts, etc.
  4. Help and Information section – Links to relevant news and information

The new login page is fully mobile-compliant and responsive. This means it will look “right” on any display, whether a PC or a phone – no more pinching and zooming!

User Login Experience and Process

Students, Faculty, Staff (NetID Login)

NetID login users click on (2) "SU NetID Login" and will be directed to a login page shown below. Users will enter their NetID and password, then click “Log In.” After processing, the user will be directed to their MySlice homepage. This login page is provided by the University SSO system and will log the user into other applications (Blackboard, Parchment, etc.) as appropriate.

If a NetID user fails the login process (incorrect ID, password, etc) they will be directed to try again:

If a NetID user waits too long at the login box before logging in, OR if they try to hit the browser BACK button before logging in is complete, they will generate an error as shown below. If this occurs, the user must either close the browser and start again, or re-enter the original destination in the browser address bar (ex: 

For Other MySlice Users

Parents, proxy accounts, test IDs and other users will click on (3) "Other MySlice User" and will be directed to a similar login box as shown below. Users will enter their ID in ALL CAPS, their password and then click “Log In.”

If an Other MySlice user fails to login due to bad ID or password, they will be directed back to the login page with an error message and directed to try again. 

If they hit the browser BACK button, they will be directed back to the MySlice login page (the Login starting page). 

Logout Experience

To Sign Out of MySlice users click the Sign Out link at the top right of the banner:

Remember: In a single sign on environment, when you log out of one application but leave your browser open, you could still be logged in to another application (Blackboard, Parchment, etc.). It is important to close all browser windows to terminate your session fully. This is especially important on public or shared devices.

When you sign out from MySlice, you will be redirected to a logout landing page as shown below. At this point, your MySlice session is terminated, but you might still be signed into other applications. From this page, you can decide if you wish to return to MySlice or end your SSO session and close your browser.

Clicking the "Back to Myslice" button will return to the Login Landing Page, Clicking "Logout of Single Signon" will terminate the SSO session and refresh to the page below.


It is important to close all browser windows to confirm the session is fully terminated. This is especially important on public or non-owned devices.

Additional Information

Testing Considerations for Peoplesoft FBAs and testers

It is EXTREMELY important to remember that in a single sign on environment, when you log out of one application, and leave your browser open it is possible that another application in the federation may still be logged in. Therefore it is HIGHLY recommended to close your browser after logging out. 

This is even more important for users that are testing. Each test session should be conducted in a CLEAN browser, using Incogneto (chrome) or Private (Firefox) mode when possible. Each test session should be closed entirely when logging out. 

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