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Downloadable Policies and Procedures for Promotion of Teaching Professors PDF 1MB

Revised and Approved 03/29/19
Revised and Approved 02/01/19
Approved Faculty Council 12/08/17


Changes and amendments to this document shall be approved by Faculty Council by majority vote.

This is one of several documents outlining the policies and procedures to be followed in the College of Visual and Performing Arts for contractual renewal, promotion to associate professor with tenure, promotion to full professor, and promotion to associate and full Teaching Professors. In as much as these policies and procedures bear heavily on the outcome of application for or appeal of promotion, tenure, and contractual renewal, it is cautioned that they be carefully observed.

Exact dates for submission of materials and committee action on the department/school and college levels shall be set in the fall semester of each academic year by the dean in compliance with the promotion and tenure schedules set by the vice chancellor for academic affairs; hence, the dates on the following Promotion and Tenure Calendars may vary slightly from year to year. Moreover, the Promotion and Tenure Calendars are a rough sketch of activities and responsibilities.

Each area within the college shall establish its procedures for mentoring full-time faculty, in accordance with overall college guidelines. It is the responsibility of each director or chairperson to ensure that each full-time faculty member has at least one faculty mentor. Consideration may be given to identifying a faculty mentor outside the unit as well as inside the unit, particularly when the faculty member’s research is cross-disciplinary in nature. It is the general obligation of the senior faculty to advise junior faculty of their professional responsibilities, assist in their integration into the college and respective departments/school, and advise them of the expectations for promotion, and contractual renewal.

Candidates for promotion and/or contractual renewal are responsible for familiarizing themselves with policies and procedures, and gathering and submitting materials as outlined in these documents as appropriate.

Promotion of Teaching Professors Calendar College of Visual and Performing Arts

The specific dates on the calendar below may vary slightly from year to year. Please note that this calendar is advisory and does not supersede the body of these Policies and Procedures. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sections of Policies and Procedures pertaining to your application for promotion.

Phase I, Promotion activity deadlines during spring semester prior to promotion review year:

January 15VPA Office of Academic Affairs notifies faculty eligible for the first time in rank for promotion (e.g., minimum of five completed years in the previous rank).
February 15Faculty indicates in writing to the dean their intention to apply for promotion.
February 28The dean officially notifies faculty in writing of receipt of intent, with calendars of promotion only process to both candidate and department chair.
March 1 through October 1Faculty member gathers evidence while in current rank only of teaching and advising, service, and currency in their field of study/practice. Candidate should discuss selection of materials with department chair, mentor, and colleagues.

Phase II, Promotion activity deadlines during fall semester of promotion review year:

October 1Candidate submits their completed materials in binders to department chair/director.
October 2 through October 30

Department chair/director assembles all confidential materials, and department’s tenure and promotion committee reviews candidate’s application for promotion according to appropriate procedures and votes. Chair/director assembles a document with “Department Committee Votes” (for and against and date). Department’s tenure and promotion committee creates additional materials in support of its work, which includes:

Department chair/director writes letter (recommendation for promotion or reason for denial), including the committee’s assessment as well as the chair’s own evaluation, a description of promotion procedures, criteria/evidences, standards, and composition of department’s tenure and promotion committee, and completed document showing committee votes for and against.

October 30Department chair/director informs candidate of department/school tenure and promotion committee’s decision. At this time the candidate has the option to formally withdraw in writing to the dean their application for promotion from further consideration.
November 1Department chair/director makes an appointment with the senior administrator in VPA Office of Academic Affairs to formally check-in all of candidate’s promotion materials.
November 15 through DecemberThe college’s tenure and promotion committee meets to review all applications. If needed the committee may call on department chairs/directors or program coordinators to answer specific questions.

Phase III, Promotion activity deadlines during spring semester of promotion review year:

February 1All promotion materials are submitted to the dean, who makes an independent evaluation. The dean will make the final decision concerning promotion. If a promotion decision is positive, the dean sends a memo notification by email to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.

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