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Welcome new VPA students! We are thrilled that you will be joining us this fall.

Until May 1 you have been in contact with the VPA Office of Recruitment and Admissions, but now that you have committed to Syracuse, our VPA Office of Student Success will be your main point of contact for advising, academic progress, and other questions you might have as you start your academic career at Syracuse University.

The first order of business is to get your fall schedules in place. This is called the First Term Enrollment Selections (FTES) process. Through this system you will be able to tell us about the courses you are interested in, and the information you provide is vital to help us put your schedule together.

Access to FTES is through your MySlice account, and you will need to activate your NetID at in order to start. Once you have logged in, find the Student Services list, and select “Enrollment – First Term Enrollment Selections” to begin the FTES form.

The instructions that you need to complete the FTES form are found here (you can find the same instructions on the FTES form itself by clicking “Instructions: How to Complete this Form” under the heading “Resources” on the right side of page 1). The menus on this link are very informative and include the steps you can take prior to starting the FTES process, instructions on how to complete the FTES form for your specific major, important dates, VPA computer recommendations, and other pertinent information for your first semester. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully and complete all required fields in the FTES form. Don’t forget to submit your FTES form! Once the info is submitted, we will build your class schedule. We will share your new schedule with you via MySlice.

We are very excited to meet you! Don’t be surprised if we reach out to you via phone in the next few weeks. You will also get an email from your peer advisor, a fellow VPA student who can tell you about life at SU.

We hope you have a fantastic end of your high school days. We look forward to meeting you in August during Syracuse Welcome when you will move into our University for the start of the best years of your life! Stay in contact by always checking your email address, where we will be sending all the info you need to know from now on, and follow us on Twitter @SU_VPA_OSA.