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Welcome new VPA students! We are thrilled that you will be joining us this fall.

Until May 1 you have been in contact with the VPA Office of Recruitment and Admissions, but now that you have committed to Syracuse, our Office of Academic and Career Advising will be your main point of contact. Come to us for advising, academic progress, and other questions about your academic career at Syracuse University.

The first order of business is to get your fall schedules in place. This is called the First Term Enrollment Selections (FTES) process. Through this system you will be able to tell us about the courses you are interested in. This information will then be used to create your class schedule.

How to Setup Your First Fall Class Schedule (FTES)

You must complete your FTES form to have a class scheduled created with your input. The deadline to submit your FTES form for the fall 2021 semester is Friday, June 18, 2021.

Some homework! Before you begin FTES there are some things you must do:

  1. Confirm your browser is compatible with MySlice. For information on which browsers are fully supported, visit MySlice Supported Browsers.
  2. Activate your Syracuse University NETID and password. Activation instructions are found here: NETID Instructions.
  3. Transfer credit and exam scores. Gather information on any Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) credit, transfer credit, Advanced Placement (AP) scores, and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores that you have completed, or plan to complete during the summer. Knowing this information will assist you in completing the FTES form. You are NOT required to obtain official transcript/score reports prior to submitting your FTES form, but you will need these in order to earn credit. If you aren’t sure if your AP or IB scores will qualify for credit, consult the Syracuse University Course Catalog.
  4. Take placement examinations. If you plan to take a mathematics or language course (other than English) in the fall, you must complete a placement exam. Information on and access to the placement examinations can be found on the New to SU website (links and instructions can also be found on the first page of the FTES form, on the right-hand side under “Placement Exams”).
  5. For all other foreign languages, you will have the opportunity to take the placement exams on campus during Syracuse Welcome. For dates and times, view the Syracuse Welcome schedule online (available in early May) or in the hard copy booklet when you arrive.
  6. Non-native speakers of English: you must take the “English Language Assessment Exam” when you get to campus in August. For date and time information, visit the New to SU website. If you have questions, contact the Center for International Services or the English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Office.
  7. Review welcome email links. There are important links included in the welcome email that you received recently.
    1. Please review the Supply Lists. You will need to get these materials prior to your first day of classes.
    2. Computer Expectations:  VPA-specific computer requirements can be found on here by major.
  8. Read through the instructions for your major and the “Courses Available to First Year Students” list. The instructions that you will need to complete the FTES form are found below. “Courses Available to First Year Students,” which you can view on our Resources page, is the complete list of academic and studio elective classes available to you as a first-year student. You will use this list to choose your elective courses (if applicable to your major) when you get to page 3 of the FTES form.

To access, log into MySlice, locate the “Student Services” listing, and select “Enrollment – First Term Enrollment Selections” to find the FTES form.

  1. Login to your  MySlice account
    1. **You must activate your NetID at in order to start**
  2. Find the Student Services list, and 
  3. then select “Enrollment – First Term Enrollment Selections”
  4. Begin the FTES form
    1. See the drop-down below for instructions on how to fill-out the FTES form

Please be sure to read all instructions carefully  and complete all required fields in the form.  Do not forget to submit your FTES form!  Once the info is submitted, we will build your class schedule.

How to Fill Out the FTES Form

Deadline to submit form: June 18, 2021.  Keep a copy for your records. Your schedule will be available online August 2, 2021.

Before you read these instructions, be sure you have reviewed the previous steps on this page.

Confirm that all the information directly below your name is correct.
Under the blue bar labeled Please provide the following information:

  • Verify if English is your first language.
  • Check any of the following you will be participating in:
    • Syracuse University Marching Band (SUMB) “The Pride of the Orange”: If you are interested in participating in “The Pride of the Orange,” Syracuse University Marching Band, please contact the band office at 315.443.2194 or email Fran Moore at fmmoore@syr.eduAll members are required to attend band camp the week before classes begin. Rehearsals averaging six hours per week (three evenings, two hours each) occur during the fall semester with additional rehearsals during game week. You are required to register for Marching Band (ENI 510) for one credit. If you are at maximum credit load, your college will contact the band office for consent to register for band for zero credits. Find the Special Categories area on the Course Selection Sheet. Under SUMB, mark an in the appropriate box.
    • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC): The Army ROTC meets for two academic hours, two leadership lab hours, and three physical fitness hours each week, and the Air Force meets for three academic and three physical fitness hours each week. Army ROTC program consists of a combination of credit and non-credit courses. Air Force ROTC courses can be taken for credit or non-credit. Army ROTC offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full tuition and fees at Syracuse, as well as monthly stipends. Air Force ROTC also offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full tuition or partial tuition and fees and gives each recipient a monthly stipend. In addition, all Army and Air Force scholarship winners receive an annual $9,500 Leadership Award from the University that can be applied to their room and board fees. Find the Special Categories area on the Course Selection Sheet. Under ROTC, mark an x in the appropriate box, either Air Force or Army. For information: Special Categories ROTC General Information: 1.800.295.7456.Air Force: 315.443.2461
      Website: afrotc.syr.eduArmy: 315.443.2462
  • Verify Division 1 athletic participation. If you are playing a Division 1 sport (even as a walk-on) during your first year at Syracuse University, indicate your intention here. A box will appear for you to specify the sport in which you intend to compete.
  • Enter the phone number that you can be reached at this summer in the box provided.

On the right side of the page, confirm that the major listed under “Intended Major” is correct. Next, find three important tools under the “Resources” heading:

  • Instructions: How to Complete This Form – this link is another way to get to the information you are reading now.
  • Courses Available to First Year Students – this is the link to the list of academic and studio elective courses that are available for you to take during the fall semester. Please use this list ONLY when selecting your electives. Do NOT select courses from the Fall Schedule of Classes found on MySlice, as those courses are not open to first year students and may delay your registration if included in your selections.
  • Telephone Assistance – 1-800-295-2515 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time). This toll-free number will be in effect from June 1- June 18. You can also email us at Following June 12, you can reach us at 1-315-443-2517.

On the right side of the page, under the blue bar labeled Additional Program Information: if you have been accepted into a Learning Community, or the Renee Crown University Honors Program, you will see information listed here.

  • Learning Communities: find more information at
  • Renee Crown University Honors Program: if you have been admitted, please refer to the special “Supplemental Instructions for Honors Students” link found here. Please wait to make your final selection of courses until you have read this material. If you have questions about selecting Honors courses, call 1.800.295.2537.

On the right side of the page, under the blue bar labeled Placement Examsthis link is for students planning to take a mathematics, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, or Spanish course at any time during their academic career. For the fall semester, you are required to take the placement exam available on this link before selecting a math or language course on page 3. If you do not plan to take a math or language course over the course of your academic career, you are not required to take the placement exam, but will also not be permitted to select a math or language course on Page 3. This area is also where you will be able to view your score, test date, and the math or language course(s) that you tested into.

Required Courses (You will be automatically enrolled in the following): these are the courses that are required for your specific major during the first semester. You will be automatically enrolled in these, which means there is no further action required. If you are interested in viewing the descriptions of your required courses, visit the Course Catalog and click on “Courses” on the left side.

Writing Course Requirements:

Writing: Choose one of the following writing options:

  • WRT 105 – Studio I Academic Writing (3 credits) – your primary language is English, and you have never taken a college level writing course. You will be automatically registered for WRT 105 if you select this option.
  • I expect to receive external credit for writing and will not be taking this class – if any of the below is true for you, you should select this box:
  1. I took the AP English Language and Composition exam and received or expect to receive at least a minimum score of 4. Enter this information on page 2 of FTES.
  2. I took the AP English Literature and Composition exam and received or expect to receive at least a minimum score of 4. Enter this information on page 2 of FTES.
  3. I took the IB English Language and Literature (HL), or the English Literature (HL) exam and received or expect to receive at least a minimum score of 5. Enter this information on page 2 of the FTES.
  4. I took the SU Project Advance WRT 105 class and received or expect to receive the grade of D or above. Enter this information on page 2 of FTES.
  5. I took a writing class from an accredited university; I expect to receive at least a C and will forward a transcript to the Office of Academic and Career Advising. Enter this information on page 2 of FTES.
  • I have been admitted to the Renee Crown University Honors Program and will be taking an alternative Honors writing class (Enter choices on page 3) - you will need to read the Supplemental Instructions for Honors Students under the blue “Additional Program Information” bar for assistance with selecting an alternative. You will enter your choices for this alternative on page 3 under “Writing Alternative.”
  • ENL 201 – Intermediate English for Non-Native Speakers (3 credits) – English is NOT my primary language. I will take the English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) when I arrive on campus. – you must choose this option if English is not your primary language. You will be automatically registered for ENL 201 until you take the ELA exam during Syracuse Welcome (refer to the Syracuse Welcome schedule for times and locations).

Enter AP/IB/CLEP full examination title and score (if you know it) for any of the following tests you have taken or will take this summer:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Higher Level International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

If you have test credits from AP, IB or CLEP, fill in the box AND have your official scores sent to Syracuse University. Not sure if you can get credit based on your score? Information on minimum scores and awarded credit can be found in the Course Catalog.

Enter SUPA/SU course titles that you have taken or will take this summer:

  • Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)
  • Other Syracuse University Credits (SU)

If you have taken courses through Syracuse University, put the course name(s) in this box. You will not need to submit a transcript for any course that you completed at SU.

Enter course title and college name for courses taken at other colleges:

If you have earned college credit from an institution other than Syracuse University, include the course title(s) and the college name(s) in this box.

IMPORTANT: You must submit an official transcript to receive credit.

Official transcripts should be mailed to:

Syracuse University
Office of Academic and Career Advising 
College of Visual and Performing Arts
200 Crouse College
Syracuse NY 13244

Additional Courses to be selected: this is the area where you will choose any additional elective courses that are required by your department for your first semester. To see the options, find the list of Courses Available to First Year Students. You can also find this list under Resources on the page 1 of the FTES form. It is important to locate it and have it open when you are reading through the following information.

Important: The information you provide will assist advisors in building your fall schedule. Every effort will be made to place you in your choice of electives if there are available seats and no scheduling conflicts with required courses.

You need to complete the box labeled “Writing Alternative” only if you have determined that you will receive credit for WRT 105, or have been admitted to the Renee Crown University Honors program (for Honors program students, follow the special instructions found on page 1).

The Writing Alternative course will take the place of WRT 105 in your fall schedule. Choose three additional academic elective choices in this box and keep in mind that these choices do not have to be writing-related courses. You are required to replace this requirement with an elective. If you are planning to take WRT 105 or ENL 201 (and selected one of them on page 1), skip this step.

Enter Notes Here: the very last box on page 3 is a place for you to communicate anything you think our office should know. DO NOT pose questions here; if you have specific inquiries, contact your advisor who is listed on page 1.

Extension ID – If you get an error message in red asking for an Extension ID, it indicates that there is more than one section of the class with your chosen Subject Area and Catalog Number.

To select the section you want, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the Extension ID box. A dialogue box will open prompting you to “Look Up” the options, click on this. From there, a series of options will appear. Once you have chosen the one you want, the dialogue box will disappear, and the form will update to reflect your selection.

Review all the information that you have entered the FTES. If you are satisfied with your selections, click the “Submit Final Course Selections” button in the top right corner of the screen. If you decide you are not yet ready to submit your form, click the “Save to Submit Later” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Remember, your form MUST be submitted by June 18, 2021.

Once you submit your form, we suggest you keep a copy for your records – to print the form, click the button that says “Click to Print This Page for Your Records” on the top left of the page.

Congratulations! You have finished filling out your FTES form! Your schedule will be available to view on MySlice beginning August 2.

Completion of the FTES Form: What Happens Now? Important Dates & Next Steps

Congratulations on submitting your First Term Enrollment Selection (FTES) form! This is the timeline for what will happen next…

  • Don’t forget to check your email regularly

DateWhat will happen
June 18, 2021Deadline to submit your FTES form.

Your class schedule for the fall semester will be created.

Schedule will be based on the information you provided in the FTES form. The Office of Academic and Career Advising will create it for you.

Monday, August 2, 2021You will have access to view your class schedule in MySlice.
Saturday, August 28 and Sunday, August 29, 2021Schedule changes can be made with the Office of Academic and Career Advising.
Monday, August 30, 2021

First day of fall classes.