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Please use this FAQ as a general guide to help you make your request to the iSchool's Marketing & Communications Request form:

How is the Marketing & Communications Request Board different from an Orange Tracker/IT Ticket?

Use Orange Tracker if you have issues for the IT team at the iSchool, such as classroom technology, your computer, software, or your phone system.

You should also send your digital sign submissions to Orange Tracker. Read our Digital Sign guide

A request to the Marketing & Communications board will add it directly to the queue to our Marketing & Communications team. 

Currently, Marketing & Communications is served by two full-time staff: 

  • Katie Rook, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications: web content management, digital and print design, social media, InfoSpace blog management

  • Diane Stirling, Communications Manager: news, media relations, and iSchool magazine publications

When I make a request to the Marketing & Communications Request Board, does that mean my project will automatically be completed by the deadline I requested?

A request is considered the official start of your communication with the Marketing & Communications team regarding your project.  You will receive an immediate email confirmation confirming your request.

Depending on the nature and scope of the request, we may schedule a follow-up meeting to better understand your goals and discuss how we can best serve your needs. It is possible that your project and the deadline may change.

Although rare, there may be an occasion where we cannot fulfill your request. If that is the case, we will respond immediately to work out alternative solutions.

I’ve already had a face-to-face meeting with a member of your team to talk about my project. Do I still have to send in a request using the form?

Yes, and we will probably remind you to send in your request during the meeting. Thank you!

How far in advance should I make my request?

We created a general Lead Time Guide to help you best decide when to make your request. In general, the earlier you make your request with complete information, the easier it is for us to prioritize and properly plan for your request.

What information should I include in my Marketing & Communications request?

Please include all relevant documents as well as a realistic deadline. We have updated the request form to allow for 4 files uploads within a request. 

If you need a document corrected or updated, please provide those corrections or updates electronically. You can either add notes to a PDF or write on a physical copy, scan it, and send the scanned document in with your request.

Please explain the full scope of the project, its importance, and unique needs. The more complete your request is when we get it, the easier it is for us to schedule and prioritize.

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