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Syracuse University's interactive campus map is available at The map is implemented on the  Concept3D platform with 3D renderings of exterior buildings and grounds, and interior building floor plans. The map data is based on geo-spatial locations which are discoverable under selectable locations (categories). The map includes way-finding to provide easy and efficient navigation around campus for the Syracuse University community.

Map users can select locations, on the map, to view additional information pertaining to that location. The map is compatible on desktop and mobile devices, and your map view can be printed (including PDFs). Currently the map includes North Campus, South Campus, downtown Syracuse properties and affiliated community locations.

The map is in its initial launch phase and work is continuing to expand features, categories, and the overall discoverability of the Syracuse University Interactive Campus Map.

Map Documentation

We have curated many pages on how to use the map. See below for a list of pages that may be of help, or browse through the Map FAQs. If you can not find what you're looking for, get in contact with us using the Contact Us section below.

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