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Details about the eligibility and expiration of NetIDs and resources accessed via the NetID.

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The SU NetID

The University NetID provides access to a variety of computing services depending on the client's status or role within the University. Services include:

Who is eligible?

NetIDs are created for:

  • Applicants for admission to Syracuse University
  • Students (as defined by the Registrar)
  • Faculty and staff (as defined by Human Resources)
  • with eligible sponsorship, other associates, and spouses and dependents

Password Expiration

  • Starting in Fall 2014, all NetID owners are required to change their password at least once per year.
  • Several email messages will be sent to NetID owners starting 30 days prior to their password expiration date, notifying them that they must change their password to avoid expiration.
  • If the password expires, the NetID is disabled.  Once the account becomes disabled, all resources that require the NetID and password are no longer accessible.

How long are resources that are accessed through the NetID available?


Applicants to Syracuse University may only use their NetID to access MySlice. NetIDs assigned to applicants who decide not to attend SU are disabled about 1 year after the semester for which they applied.


Applicants that become students at SU have their access changed to include such things as e-mail (SUmail), wireless and wired network services, and access to computer labs. The same access is granted to non-matriculated (e.g. University College) students.  The duration of access after the student becomes inactive (program becomes inactive and/or student stops registering) varies for each resource.  SUMail is retained in perpetuity.  MySlice access is retained for about 2 years after the last term of registration.  Data files are retained for 2 years after the last term of registration and if the student's program is no longer active.

Students under judicial suspension may lose access to e-mail and other SU computing services.


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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff use their netid to access resources such as  email (Exchange), wireless, mySlice,  desktop logins (for computers in SU's Active Directory domain), VPN (SURA), and home/shared directories.   Current faculty and staff have access to these resources throughout their employment at Syracuse University (and during temporary work breaks). Access to certain administrative and academic information systems are governed by data custodians/administrators of those systems.

Spouses, dependents, and domestic partners of faculty, staff, and students (referred to as dependent in this document)

Licenses for most IT resources and services is limited to students, faculty and staff.

Retired/Resigned Faculty and Staff

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Access to systems that require a NetID are contingent upon exit agreements made with the department of employment (or in some instances, HR).

Notable exceptions

Although Blackboard uses the NetID/password combination for authentication, access to courses or data within the Blackboard system is limited to those administering or enrolled in the defined Blackboard courses, or, in the case of Blackboard Organizations, access is limited to those who are defined as members of the specific Blackboard organization.

Likewise, MySlice uses the NetID/password combination for authentication; however, access to services within MySlice is dependent upon the the client's role or position within the University, or student status.

In addition, schools, colleges, and departments may also use the NetID/password for authentication to specialized services and computing resources within the unit. Access to those systems is often restricted and governed by the school, colleges, and departments.

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