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Exception Appeal Policy & Categories

In the event that a full review has been completed by the Accessibility Assessment Committee (AAC) and has resulted in a procurement denial, the Policy has provisions to escalate to the Accessibility Compliance Committee (ACC) to request an exception to the policy. 

Based on Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act as amended, exceptions may be granted as follows:

  1. Not Technically Possible (Not Commercially Available):
    An accessible product which meets the business requirements is not commercially available, thus the University  shall procure the ICT that best meets the Revised 508 Standards consistent with the business needs.

  2. Results in an Undue Burden:

    “Undue financial and administrative burdens,” or “undue burdens,” are created when a proposed course of action causes significant difficulty or expense. The financial burden is determined within the context of the entire University budget. If compliance would result in an undue burden, conformance shall be required only to the extent that it does not impose an undue burden.

  3.   Requires Fundamental Alteration:

    When making the product accessible would fundamentally alter the nature of the product or its components and/or would result in a change to the essential purpose of a program or service. If compliance would result in a fundamental alteration, conformance shall be required only to the extent that it does not result in a fundamental alteration.

Required Documentation

The following form must be completed and submitted to request an exception.  Please note that the request will require justification for one of the above categories, and an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) as described on the form.  Submitting an exception request does not guarantee approval.

Submit Request

Submit request with required documentation attached.

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