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Phase 1 

Measures and Criteria

  1. Key Assignment - Measure 1
    • Measure 1 Type
    • Measure 1 Criteria
  2. Measure 2 – if needed
    • Measure 2 Type
    • Measure 2  Criteria

Phase 2

This student learning outcome was met


Describe the results from each of the measures used


  1. Describe the strengths observed in the student work.
  2. Describe any areas where students were observed to be underperforming.
  3. Describe what the results mean to the academic program, considering results that have both met and not met the designated criteria for success.
  4. Additional information about specific action(s) that the faculty plan to take can be provided in the “Phase 3:Action& Follow-up” tab.

Pull Samples

  1. 2SU course: pull 6 samples:  2 high, 2 medium, 2 low
  2. Main campus course: pull 6 samples:  2 high, 2 medium, 2 low

Phase 3

Action items

Will your academic program be implementing any programmatic or assessment-related actions(s) for this student learning outcome?

If no, please, provide the rationale for the faculty’s decision and then go to the end of this page;

Action 1

  1. Describe Action
  2. Type of Programmatic or Assessment-Related Action
  3. Status of Action
  4. Individual(s) or Group Responsible for Action
  5. Target Date(s) for Action Implementation
  6. Priority
  7. Describe how the program plans to assess the impact of the action. If the action has already been implemented, describe the impact of the action taken. 
  8. Is data collection complete?

Action 2 – if needed

Additional information (graduate program only)

  • Faculty notes survey– we can send this to all instructors teaching sections via Qualtrics
  • All instructor data compiled and sent to you, as the Professor of Record
  • We can send you a separate faculty notes survey for you to enter your data directly in Qualtrics