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  • All classes that are not large-lecture classes (PHY 250+ plus the PHY 215 and PHY 216 course instructors) get paper eval forms.
  • Need to generate forms for each course & distribute packets to instructors so they can hand them out within their classes.
  • For samples, see past years. I liked to use mail-merges to complete them, but one could “save as” the templates from Fall 17, spring 18 to make one for each class. There is a template we generally use for lecture courses (95% of classes) and lab courses in each term
  • Faculty distribute forms to students, leave room, students collect and bring packet to staff to type up results
  • Staff tally up scores and type up comments to maintain anonymity. Alan Middleton developed an excel doc to help with this process he asked staff to use several terms back (see “fall 2017 Eval calculations”). Using that makes a big difference in terms of efficiency to tally scores and convert into percentages.
  • Distribution of results is the same as OIRA:
    • Save all of the results form Myslice into G:\AS\phy\Office (public)\Assessment
    • Email Eric, Simon to tell them they are all saved there. Then ask them when they would like them distributed to the faculty.
    • Once they confirm, then email PDF copies to all of the head instructors (as listed in the long schedule).
    • The TAs, on the other hand, get (1) print copy each, delivered to their department mailboxes.



  • For ease of remembering everything, I recommend preparing & distributing forms for paper/in-class evals alongside OIRA process
    • Prepare papers form alongside OIRA class section period
    • Distribute the packets to faculty with two weeks (~4 classes left in the term) with notes on how to distribute them – see email samples
    • Remind faculty before last Thursday class who you still haven’t gotten folders back for
    • Analyze tally results from the last week of classes to the following week, and type up comments
    • Be prepared to turn results back around to the faculty approx. 2-3 weeks after classes end (any time after grades are due!!!!) DO NOT return to faculty until their class grades have been submitted.
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