The College of Arts and Sciences IT Support Group has created a cluster of Windows Remote Desktop systems as a replacement for, which has been decommissioned on February 14th, 2020. Instructions on connecting to this cluster are provided below.

To use the new AS-TS cluster, you must first establish a VPN connection to the campus network.

  • If connecting from an SU Managed Windows laptop, this VPN connection should automatically be established.
  • If connecting from a Macintosh or personally owned Windows system, you will need to configure the VPN - instructions provided at SURA Utility

On a Mac, you will need the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. You can download this for your personal machine from the AppStore, or on an SU Managed system, via the Managed Software Center.


  1. Download and open this connection file.
  2. You will prompted with a login
    1. Under username, enter: <Your>
    2. Under password, enter: <Your NetID Password>


  1. Download and open this connection file.
  2. You will prompted with a login
    1. Under username, enter:  <Your NetID>
    2. Under password, enter: <Your NetID Password>
  3. This file can be imported by dragging/dropping it in the Microsoft Remote Desktop main window.


These systems are not intended to be a full replacement for your SU supplied workstation, but instead provide a means to perform certain functions that are unavailable from off campus (MySlice Administrative Apps, MyReports, etc.), or unavailable for some platforms (OnBase application from the macOS).

The following software is installed on these systems:

  • MS Office 365 Professional Plus
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Onbase Prod
  • Hyperion
  • SU Sherman Fonts
  • 7zip
  • FastJR Email
  • NextStep SSO
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Important considerations

  • Save your work to your network (H:\) drive

    • Just like our physical labs, any files saved to the local hard drives will be removed.

  • Save your work often

  • Please be aware: Idle sessions will automatically be logged out after 1 hour, max-session length is 8 hours, and these systems reboot every morning at 5am.
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