Graduate Award Process – Notes


 TA Award Process

  1. List it in spreadsheet
  2. Add data into mail-merge list, if using. If not, skip to 3.
  3. Generate TA letter filling in all required fields. Adjust as needed if not using mail merge file.
  4. Print TA letter to PDF.
  5. Send in email from PGA account with due date clearly listed in body of email. Include attachments related to GA benefits and responsibilities, EVS document, and insurance info (last one only once available). See prior emails sent from pga mailbox for samples.
  6. When student returns, note it in the department spreadsheet. Then:
    1. Generate tuition remission form to match support info
    2. Send copy of signed page + tuition remission form to
    3. If system allows, iJAN payroll info for term.


  1. Open the folder:   G:\AS\phy\#private\Graduate Awards\GA AY2018-19\
  2. Open Excel Doc “TA.RA Letter Mail-Merge AY18-19”
  3. Go to tab “TA Offers AY18-19”
  4. Add new line at the end of the list. If you scroll down a bit, you can see all of the student info below to copy to get started (SUIDs, emails, names). Then fill in all of the columns with the info previously confirmed, specific to the award. I will go over this with you in training as well, assuming time permits.
  5. Then, after all of the information is entered in, hit save and then open the following folder: G:\AS\phy\#private\Graduate Awards\GA AY2018-19\RETURNING Grads\TAs - Returning Letters
  6. Select the appropriate letter template, based upon whether or not their award will include tuition. If there will be no tuition included, select the “ABD” option.
  7. Click on the “Mailings” tab and “preview results”. Then you should be able to scroll left and right until you find the letter you need to generate.
  8. Look over to ensure information entered in looks correct. It pulls it from the excel document you previously completed. If it looks good, save as a PDF

(all of this will be gone over in training, if time permits)

**If you would prefer to hand-enter in the info as opposed to using the mail-merge, you can still use the same templates but be careful to “save as” after replacing the merge fields so no information gets carried over via the mail-merge document.









  1. Location: G:\AS\phy\#private\Graduate Awards\GA AY2018-19\RETURNING Grads\TAs - Recs
  2. Fill in date, name, SUID, salary, tuition amount (spring and summer) and hours on the form
  3. In comments:
  1. Save as:



Submitting award to Graduate Awards office for processing:

AFTER student returns the signed letter, email





RA Award Process














  1. Location:   G:\AS\phy\#private\Graduate Awards\GA AY2018-19\RETURNING Grads\RAs - Recs
  2. There is a departmental rec template (similar to TA form but has RA options selected instead)--- or view Yallappa Dombara, or Spurgeon for samples of completed ones to shadow
  3. Fill in date, name, SUID, salary, tuition amount (spring and summer) and hours on the form
  4. Treat comments just like departmental TA recs.
  5. Save as:













Process for changing/reallocating tuition:

 <<< directions to access site, password = gradawd


Under “Documents for Scholarships or Reconfigurations” – click “reconfigure form”


 For RAs on sponsored funds: a revised sponsored tuition remission form is all that is needed to reallocate, increase, or decrease tuition. Form must be re-sent to both graduate awards and OSA