Syracuse University Remote Access (SURA) is a tool provided by Syracuse University to automatically configure a Windows PC to securely connect to university resources via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using SURA you can access University network drives (H drive), connect to SU's VPN (virtual private network), use network printers at SU, and access your email via a web client.

SURA only runs on Windows. To configure a VPN for macOS, please follow the steps on the Configure VPN on macOS page.

Table of Contents

How to Use the SURA Utility on Windows

Download SURA to your Computer

Go to the SU Downloads page to obtain the SURA utility. When prompted, save the sura.exe file to a location you will be able to easily find again on your local computer (such as your desktop or documents folder).

Launch SURA

Double-click on the sura.exe file. Enter your SU NetID username and password in the appropriate fields and click Connect.

SURA login

Select an action

Depending upon your status with the University such features as Remote Desktop, Connect Drives, Open Email and Network Printing will be available through the SURA interface.


SURA Action Options

Minimizing and Exiting the SURA Utility

When the SURA window is minimized or closed, all connections and functionality is maintained. You will see a small SURA icon running in the System Tray (icons to the left of the clock).

To fully disconnect the SURA utility from the University network, right-click on the SURA icon in the System Tray and select Exit and Disconnect. 

Disconnecting from SURA

Or in the SURA utility, click File > Exit And Disconnect.