As we move into the Fall, encouraging your students to think through their plan for academic success can be especially useful. This assignment from Abigail Noyce at Carnegie Mellon University is an excellent example of one way to require students to engage in the course at the beginning of the semester and intentionally to make a plan.

Remote Learning Success Plan Assignment

 Course goals assessed

Assignment details

Being a student right now is hard! It can be challenging to ensure that you have time and space to complete your work for class, when you don't have the accountability of always attending face-to- face class or the luxury of going out to find a workspace. A 9-unit course, such as this one, is designed to require approximately 9-12 hours per week of student work. This assignment asks you to think through a plan for claiming time and space to do that.









It's okay to keep some of these details vague in your final submission if you are not  comfortable sharing your personal situation; on the other hand, research on goal-setting finds that the more specifically you think through challenges and solutions, the more likely you are to be successful. And sharing some of the challenges you anticipate will help the teaching team plan appropriate accommodations. We also may be able to offer advice, suggestions, and strategies.



This assignment will be graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. The following criteria will help to assign a grade.

 A paper earning Satisfactory will:





 Any of the following will cause a paper to earn Unsatisfactory:



A paper that is Unsatisfactory for one of these reasons will be returned without constructive feedback.