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Overview of Classroom Setup

013 Main Monitor Display 

Teaching Workstation

In the picture above, you will see the following:

Extron System Settings

Extron System Main Page

Note: When "System Off" is selected the classroom takes approximately two minutes to shut down everything and then reboot for operation. 

Main Display Controls

If video is not outputting and you have consulted the above options, make sure video mute is NOT highlighted.

Volume Settings

If audio is not outputting, make sure mute is NOT highlighted.

Teaching Station Controls

Extron System Teaching Station Settings

COVID-19 Classroom Accommodations

Each classroom in Hinds Hall is now equipped with additional technology for professor & students. The technology; which includes Cameras for video recording, Headset Docks to support faculty deployed headsets, etc. servers to facilitate proper practices in the classroom while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. 
The following documentation will highlight features and controls for the new tech, as well as explaining its functionality from room to room in Hinds Hall.

Wireless Headset

On the teaching station, you will find a headset dock ready for pairing with your personal wireless headset for virtual classroom uses. In the picture below, you will see an example of a headset dock and a headset located at the front of the room.

Connecting your Headset to the Dock/Classroom

To ensure that your headset successfully pairs with the headset dock, connect the headset to the dock, as seen in the image below, and wait until you hear a beep come from the headset dock and then confirm the headset icon located on the side of the dock is solid white (see image below and no. 5 located in Headset Components).

Headset Controls

In the image below, you will see the following headset components:

Cameras + Displays

Each classroom is equipped with 2 cameras for recording/streaming your class online. The instructor has the option of either Front or Rear camera to record from. 
At the front of the room, you will see the two HDTVs, Camera (Front), and the Teaching Workstation.

117 Main Monitor Displays

At the back of the room, you will see Camera (Rear).

Camera 2

Extron - Camera Controls

Other Instructional Resources