Course Description

This course will examine the interrelation of social justice and community engagement in online and naturalistic communities. Areas of emphasis will explore how gender, race, class, and community location (On and Off-line) affect and are affected by information. To do this, we will consider the digital divide, what role social justice movements using information technologies, the messages we receive and transmit through the media, and technology as it relates to socioeconomic status. Throughout the course, we will be looking at the assumptions behind information use and transmission in various communities.   The course also explores the impact of information design, availability, accessibility and uses in marginal communities. We will address these issues and more.



Professor of Record

LaVerne Gray


Graduate and undergraduate students. Meets with IST 400.

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to:

Course Syllabi

IST 400/600 Information Justice and Community Engagement Spring 2021 Syllabus - LaVerne Gray