Online recording refers to recording course content outside of the studio setting. The Recording From Home Guide outlines the various modes of recording as well as recommendations for the recording process. Popular online recording methods include Ensemble Video Recorder, Zoom, and Quicktime.

This form of recording is more flexible and can be done alone or with a member of the production team.

Instructors can display their content in the form of a teleprompter that they control during the recording session. After starting the recording software, the instructor will minimize the software window and maximize the teleprompter window. The software will record while the teleprompter is running. Following the recording, the instructor will minimize the teleprompter window and maximize the software window to end the recording.

Instructors will need access to a webcam. This can be an internal computer or smart phone camera, or an external camera plug-in.

The best quality microphones are external plug-ins. Internal plug-ins can be acceptable.

Guidance on hardware recommendations and positioning can be found in the Recording From Home Guide.

If recording via Zoom, it is recommended to use an ethernet cable that links your device to a router to optimize bandwidth. The Zoom recording function will record bad connection interference.

An ethernet cable will also assist in uploading files faster from your computer.

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