This is a checklist of steps to perform when starting/ending the webinar.

Note - Before starting a webinar, make sure you have the Q&A, Practice Session, and Record automatically enabled in the webinar options of the scheduling of the webinar. 

Start the Webinar in the Practice Session

A practice session allows the host to get set up and help panelists get acquainted with the webinar controls before starting your event. A host can ask panelists to join the event prior to the actual event start time, and they will automatically enter the practice session. The host can start broadcasting when everyone is ready. 

Open the Participants and the Chat windows on the toolbar at the bottom.

In the Participants Window – click the 3 dots to show the participants settings.

Disable – Allow Attendees to Raise Hand. 

Set video layout for Attendees

Note – For attendees to view the ASL interpreter - If the host is using the Follow host view mode, the host must have their view set to the gallery view, not speaker view. However, If the host sets the video layout to Gallery View, the attendee will need to change their own view options to the side by side mode in order to see the ASL interpreter.

In the Participants Window – Assign Panelists roles – Co-Host, CC, etc.

Closed Captioning - Opens the participant’s window. Hover over the participant's name and click More, then Assign to Type Closed Caption.

In the Chat window, click on the 3 dots – Select Attendee Can Chat with No One.  Host/Panelists can chat at any time. Host and Panelists can also send chats to make announcements to the panelists and attendees but attendees won't be able to respond. 

Open the Q&A Window – Click the settings dial – Unselect allow anonymous questions – Q&A won’t show the name of the questionnaire in the reports for follow up. Also, select all Attendees to view – All questions.

Panelists - Test audio/video of each panelist as they enter the practice session.  They will be muted upon entry.

Hide Non-Video Participants - For panelists that don't need to be on camera (including Host, CC interpreter, Panelists assisting with technical aspects, etc).

When you are in the Gallery View, click on the 3 dots at the upper right-hand corner of the Panelist's participant box. Choose Hide Non-Video Participants to hide all users with their video off. 

Recording - Recommend Cloud Recording. Must be enabled in the Recording Settings found in the web portal. This step also needs to be enabled in the scheduling of the webinar. The recording will start automatically once the webinar begins broadcasting. The practice session will not be recorded. Stop recording or end webinar will stop the recording. The host will receive an email when the recording is finished processing.

End Meeting - Will end the webinar. 

Reports - After the webinar is finished, reports can be downloaded immediately following the webinar. Access reports from the web portal. Select Webinar.

Attendance ReportDisplays details about each attendee. 

Search for Webinar - Generate Report (Check Boxes - Summary information will be included at the top of the report & Sort the attendee list by attended status)

Q&A ReportDisplays questions and answers from the webinar.

Details for Panelists to be aware of:

Explain the Roles of the Webinar 

Explain Practice Session to Broadcast Live 

ASL/CC – explain to panelists to repeat questions in the Q&A for ASL and CC to interpret.

If Panelists are using Dual Monitors to present - Zoom - Dual Monitors

Mute mics upon entry - suggest panelists mute their mics when not presenting.