Give your edited video/recorded webinar some polish with these helpful hints:

1. Start your video off with a screen displaying the title of the video and the College of Arts and Sciences wordmark. Make sure your text is Sherman Sans or Sherman Serif and follows the university's color guidelines.


2. Always identify speakers with lower-third graphics. Use the lower-third files available on media valet listed under "motion graphics." We suggest using the file, "SU Lower Third Left 2 line." In longer videos, repeat those identifications to remind viewers.

3. Shorter is better. If the video is more than fives minutes,  provide a “table of contents” in the description so viewers can find what they are looking for easily and insert time stamps so they can quickly navigate to specific sections of the video.

4. End the video with a "bumper." Use "video bumper 1" available on media valet listed under "motion graphics."