Humanitarian relief is an extraordinarily complex subject. There are organizations that are in the field every day saving current or at-risk hungry people, diseased people, war victims, and/or the uneducated masses. Where there is poverty, hunger, disease, AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, epidemics, war and natural disasters, the world needs people who care, want to make a difference, and want to help the sick, handicapped, poor, battered and needy. There are always new issues in public health and challenges to overcoming poverty and disease. Those wishing to enter this field should feel a strong dedication to change the world to make it a better place to live and a desire to serve others by doing good works. These are the people who become experts in helping desperately poor people in underdeveloped countries find permanent solutions to hunger and poverty, as well as helping domestically when disaster occurs.

Career Opportunities

There are close to a million non-profit, state and federal government agencies, and organizations locally and internationally, who minister to the needy. There are positions for administrators, fundraisers, grant writers, program organizers, teachers, researchers, policy analysts and others. Candidates must demonstrate business acumen, personal diplomacy and basic toughness.

Types of Jobs

Qualifications + Skills

PRO TIP: It is difficult to find a humanitarian job with no experience. Use your time at Maxwell to volunteer, intern abroad, and develop in depth expertise in a specific area of development. Consider volunteering during breaks or vacations to build necessary skills and connections to people in the field.

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