Analytics in Handshake

Best Practices

When working with Handshake Analytics, it's important to consider the overarching goals of Syracuse University (re: DEIA Strategic Plan) and then your departmental goals and expectations. Each report should include and begin with the overarching demographic data points needed to meet the DEIA Strategic Plan expectations on reporting and program assessment.

To accomplish this, from Handshake Analytics:

  1. Student
    1. + Email - Institution
    2. + Ethnicity
    3. + Gender
  2. Student Work Authorization
    1. + Name
  3. All other fields are at your discretion, however, at a minimum, best practices would follow the above with:
    1. Student College (at Appt. Time)
      1. + Name
    2. Student Majors (at Appt. Time)
      1. +Name
    3. Student School Year (at. Appt. Time)
      1. +Name

Analyzing your Report

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