If you are in a room that is not outfitted with a teaching station and built-in mic/speakers, the Rode mic kit can let Zoom participants hear what is going on in the room (such as class discussions).

To reserve a Rode kit, email archit@syr.edu.


  1. Plug the receiver into your computer using the USB-C cable and power it on (power button is on top edge).
  2. There are two wireless mics (transmitters). Turn each one on and they will automatically connect to the receiver (power button is on bottom edge).

    The mic range is fairly good. If meeting at a long table, place a mic at each end. Or pass them around to whomever is speaking.
    Mic (transmitter)
  3. The transmitters can be attached to the mounting stick to use it like a traditional stick mic.
  4. In the Zoom call, change the Audio mic to 'Wireless Go II RX'.


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