Topic Overview

Test options can be modified to reflect accommodations needed for specific students. These options can be used to allow extended time on tests, allow single, multiple, or unlimited attempts to specific students or groups of students.

Test Availability

The test must be available in order for students to access it.

Test Availability Exceptions - setting different test options for specific student(s) or group(s)

  1. In Test Settings under the Test Availability Options, click on Add User or Group, select the appropriate student or group, and click Submit.
  2. Under the Attempts column, click the drop-down menu to choose between Single Attempt, Multiple Attempts, or Unlimited Attempts. If Multiple Attempts is selected, enter the number of attempts.

Test availability exceptions settings



Under the Availability column, select the dates you would like the test to be available for the specific student or group.


test availability dates selection


test option exceptions settings

Due Date

Instructors can choose to set a due date for the test.

If a due date is selected, instructors can choose whether or not to allow submissions after the due date.

do not allow students to start test after due date option


Careful - the Due Date setting will override any Test Availability Exception availability dates. Make sure this date is after any other availability date


Self-Assessment Options

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students

Instructors can specify what type of feedback they would like to show students after an exam has been taken.


Test Presentation


Instructors can choose to present the test:

Instructors can also choose to: