The iSchool has an HP Designjet Z3200p high quality color graphics plotter which is available for student, staff, and faculty use, located in 014 Hinds Hall, but uses the computer in 020 Hinds Hall on the standing desk. A plotter is a special large format printer capable of producing media such as technical drawings, posters and banners. The iSchool plotter is of museum grade and is suitable for very high quality printing.

iSchool lab printers follow standard Syracuse University printing polices.

A few considerations

Printing to the plotter

  1. Log into the lab computer on the standing desk in 020 Hinds Hall and load the PDF file into Adobe Acrobat (right click, open with..., Adobe Acrobat).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  2. The recommended printing format for the plotter is a 24x36 poster, but advanced users can theoretically print any size that is at most 24 inches on either its length or width.

  3. After creating a document sized for the plotter, open the print dialogue and select “IST-H014-HP_PLOTTER” as your printer.

  4. Next, change the paper size to the proper size. Click “Properties” and disregard any warning messages. 

  5. For a 24x36 poster, under Paper/Quality tab,  select Custom. An example is shown below.
  6. Set your size to 24"x36".
  7. After you’ve set the paper size, check the preview for any problems and click “Print.” Your document will print in 014. Allow 15-20 minutes per print.

Plotter Support

Used correctly, the plotter is a valuable resource that can benefit your next project. However, it is a professional tool and needs to be treated like one. If you are unsure about any aspect of use please consult with our staff in Hinds Hall 002M for assistance. 

The iSchool is not liable for print issues associated with the plotter.