Topic Overview

The Bb Grader provides instructors the ability for reviewing, providing feedback, and grading student submissions to Blackboard Learn assignments via the iPad tablet.

You can download the Bb Grader app from the iTunes store by clicking here


Grading Individual Student Assingments

  1. Launch Bb Grader App

  2. Type Syracuse University into the "Find Your Institution" field. Select Syracuse University Courses

  3. You will be taken to the Syracuse University Blackboard login page.
  4. Select SU NetID Login

  5. Type in your Username and Password. You will be taken to the Syracuse University web interface

  6.  Click the back button - top left hand corner
  7. Click the back button - top left hand corner

  8. You will return to the Bb Grader "Find your Institution" field.  Select Syracuse University Courses

  9. You will be logged in Bb Grader

  10. Click drop down arrow to select a course

  11. Click (Select) an assignment to grade

  12. Click (Select) the student's name to view their assignment submission

  13. Review and grade the student's submission

  14. You are able to add text, audio, and video feedback

  15. Allow Bb Grader to access the tablets microphone and/or camera in order to provide audio and video feedback
  16. *Note*  Video feedback is limited to 1 minute.  Audio feedback is limited to 20 minutes.

  17. Once feedback is complete click Send Grade

  18. You will receive a Success notification

  19. The grade will be sent to your course's Blackboard Grade Center

  20. Students will access the returned submission and view their grade via My Grades in Blackboard

  21. Audio feedback is available to students as .m4a files and video feedback is available as .MOV files. Students will need to use an application on their computer to play this feedback.


Grading Group Assignments

  1. Click (Select) the Course

  2. Click (Select) Assignment you want to grade

  3. Click (Select) the Group

  4. Wait for the submission to generate

  5. You are able to annotate the assignment using the Comment feature. Click the Comment icon once, click the area where you would like the comment to appear, and then begin to type your comment.

  6. Add Grade and text, audio, and video feedback. Once you are finished grading, click Send Grade

  7. You can download the file and/or annotated .pdf file

  8. A green check mark indicates the grade and feedback have been sent to the Blackboard grade center

  9. Students will access the feedback via My Grades in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the FEEDBACK column or by clicking on the name of assignment.