As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Syracuse University investigates all copyright violation complaints made against students, faculty, and staff that the University receives from such organizations as the RIAA (music), MPPA (movies), BSA (software), and ESA (games). These organizations monitor the Internet and trace illegal downloads or sharing (uploads to the Internet) to a computer's IP address.

NOTE: SU does not monitor the network for copyright violations.

If a music or entertainment organization suspects that a computer on the SU network is illegally downloading and/or sharing copyrighted materials, the organization typically sends a "DMCA Take-Down" notice letter to SU. The notice letter lists the computer IP address, date and timestamp, and the copyrighted material that was allegedly downloaded or shared on that computer. SU then matches the IP address with a student, faculty, or staff member and places the computer in quarantine until the matter can be resolved. SU does not provide the complaining organization with the computer-owner's name unless served with a valid, non-objectionable court-ordered subpoena.