Oversize and Miniature (Mini) Criteria and Treatment

What is Oversize?

Oversize is determined by height or width. If either of the measurements is larger than the standard measurement for that location, it is oversize. For example, a book with a G classification that measures 23 x 35 would be placed in oversize. This example is true for all locations.

Bird oversize definitions:


Carnegie oversize definitions:

ARR oversize definitions:

Other Oversize Facts

What is Miniature?

For all locations, books with a height of 17 cm or less are to be considered mini.

Previously, mini books were cataloged with their own location in Fine Arts Limited Access. This practice ceased August, 2012.

Current practice: miniature items should be sent to Preservation for casing. Once returned, barcode the item once on the case, note 2 parts in the item record, and set the location to where you would place the book normally (carn, bird,p, etc.) There is no special location for minis.