Orange Tracker Images

Below are some images to assist with visualizing potential workflow within Orange Tracker.


Utilizes your Syracuse University username and password.

orange tracker login

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Dashboards are your default login location. You can have your own dashboards or shared dashboards.

orange tracker home page and dashboards

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Ticket Creation

You can use the create button to manually create tickets in any project you have access to do so. The fields (both required and not required) can be customized by project and for each ‘Issue Type’ within the project.

orange tracker ticket creation window

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Ticket View

Some key areas within a ticket:

orange tracker ticket view

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File Attachment

Located in the toolbar, the file attachment window allows you to search for attachments either via your computers file or by drag and drop.

orange tracker add files window

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Search Option

The search window allows you to search for tickets using any combination of parameters within the project(s). They can be saved for future viewing or to be utilized for dashboards.

orange tracker search window with options

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Reporting and Statuses

View real time data in a dashboard or have email reports sent directly to project participant with defined search parameters and frequency.

orange tracker search result and filtering

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