Migrating from your existing tenants to the new universal tenant can provide a wealth of benefits. As the new tenant is connected to AD, you will be able to share form ACL's to any existing users and groups. Such examples may include restricting form completion to a certain group, or sharing form edit privileges to a specific user. Another benefit of the universal tenant is consolidation of all your forms if you have accounts in multiple tenants. 

If you tenant contains generic accounts with forms, they will need to be taken over and migrated to an existing user in AD. The forms can be shared accordingly to allow for editing and submission retrieval if desired. This ensures that forms have a true owner, not a generic one.

Users will have to adjust URLs on any existed forms (embedded, etc).

If old submission data is required, export to excel using the Submission legacy. How to export the data is outlined in the last section below. 


Cleanup Current Applications

  1. Login into your current Tenant at https://its-forms.syr.edu 
  2. Download a copy of all your Applications
    1. This is YOUR pre-migration archive. 

      It is suggested that you rename this file to "<ApplicationName>-premigration-archive.zip", as you will be downloading another copy in the later steps.

  3. Through the Frevvo interface, go through and delete all undesired forms from your application(s)
    1. For your applications, select My Applications from the menu on the left
    2. In the top-right of each application section you would like to delete, select the (minus) icon
  4. If you are an admin within the space and you need to get other user's forms within your space, you may access other user's forms to download and delete
    1. Select Manage in the top-right
    2. Select Manage Users
    3. Locate the user with the forms you want to manage
    4. Select the House icon to the right of the user to be brought to their dashboard
    5. Follow through with the previous steps to download and delete

Download Cleaned Application(s) From Your Current Tenant

Login to your old tenant, and select Download on your cleaned application that needs to be migrated. This allows for saving the full application and it's contents to a ZIP file on your local computer. 

It is suggested that you rename this file to "<ApplicationName>-clean.zip", as to not interfere with the pre-migration copy downloaded in the prior steps.

If specific Forms need to be migrated from an Application that is not being migrated, find the individual Form and click Download.  This will give option to save the form to a ZIP file on your local computer.

Upload Application(s) Into The Universal Tenant

  1. Once the forms & applications to be migrated have been downloaded, log out of Frevvo and login again to the new Syracuse University Forms Service (SUFS) tenant using only your NetID and password on the Frevvo login page. The userid@tenantid format is not required for the SUFS tenant.
    Frevvo SUFS Login
  2. At your default Applications Dashboard screen, click Upload and choose the saved file that you intend to migrate.   Choose Replace or Copy as needed.
  3. After the application has been uploaded, go into it select Deploy on each desired form to put it into production. 
  4. After all forms have been successfully migrated over to the new tenant, find and adjust all references to the old form and point to the new form. Documentation for sharing forms can be found on the Sharing Frevvo Forms Answers page.

Retrieve Submission Data (If Desired)

  1. Log into your old tenant as the tenant admin or owner of the form desired to retrieve submission data

    If you attempt to retrieve the submission data as anyone other than the owner of the form (i.e. Tenant Admin), you will get a corrupt Excel file when exporting and it will not be able to be opened!

  2. If you are logged in as the tenant admin and are retrieving data from the other user's forms within your tenant: 

    If you are a Tenant Admin and do not follow through this process, you will get a corrupt file when you export! Be sure to allow permission to the submissions to be able to properly export the data using the process below.

    1. Select Manage users
    2. Select All from the letter list at the top
    3. Select the  icon to go to a particular user's dashboard
    4. Go into whichever application holds the data to view the forms within by selecting it
    5. On the far-right side of each form you wish to retrieve data for, select the lock icon
    6. In the Permission dropdown, select Who can edit submissions
    7. In the Users text field, enter your tenant admin username
    8. Select Finish
  3. Select the application that contains the forms you wish to export data for
  4. Go to Submissions Legacy 
  5. Set appropriate parameters
  6. Select "Excel" - This will then download the data in an .xls file format

Please Note: Submission data can not be imported into the new SUFS universal tenant.  If submission data is required, it must be saved via the process above and new submission data will be generated after migrating.