Welcome to the iSchool Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) online resource pages:

Mission:  The iSchool Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is devoted to fostering a student-centered teaching community across delivery modes and disciplines.

Scope: The iSchool FCTL supports all full-time faculty, part-time instructors, post-doctorate and Ph.D. students by:

The iSchool FCTL supports academic program operation and accreditation through consultation for academic program assessment and preparation for quality assurance review at program, curriculum, Senate and state levels.

For instructors new to the iSchool, the FCTL offers orientation, onboarding, and continuous individual guidance for the first two terms of teaching, commensurate to teaching experience. This first-year process provides each instructor with the same services and support described above for current instructors, in addition to a specific introduction to the iSchool’s expectations for instructional quality, classroom culture, and teaching practice.

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