1. CAGE Hours
  2. Access to Newhouse CAGE Equipment
  3. Equipment Requests & Reservations
  4. Equipment Checkout
  5. Equipment Return
  6. Personal Data & Property
  7. Lost, Stolen and Damaged Gear
  8. Insurance

CAGE Hours

*Hours will vary during the summer, breaks and holidays.

Access to Newhouse CAGE Equipment

All residential Newhouse students have access to equipment in the CAGE.  Access to equipment will vary by course enrollment as defined by departmental production needs.  Before students can sign out equipment, they must complete the equipment training modules that correspond with their courses in the Newhouse CAGE 2021-2022 Blackboard organization.  

Equipment Requests & Reservations:

Equipment Checkout:

Equipment Return:

Personal Data & Property:

Lost, Stolen and Damaged Gear:


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