Social media is a powerful tool, but if not managed wisely your online identity could be harmful. Follow these tips to maintain a professional online presence.

The Importance of a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has quickly become an important part of a success career search. Many organizations actively search LinkedIn for summer interns and full-time employees. In addition, thousands of internships and jobs are posted daily and can be sorted by industry, job function, location and much more.

Check out these helpful LinkedIn resources and tip sheets:

Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Once you build your LinkedIn profile, consider including the public URL at the top of your resume, just under your name with your email and phone number.

Sample Summary:
As a student, I have devoted my studies to ______, and am seeking employment in the following areas: _______ and _____ . My work as a _____ and ______ complemented my academic coursework at Syracuse University and allowed me to develop an understanding of ________. I am excited to apply my strengths in _______ and ________ to the field of ________.

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