ITS's Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP) department supports SU's technology classrooms, university computing labs, classroom equipment loan, satellite and videoconferencing telecommunications, and special events.


ITS's Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP) department supports SU's technology classrooms, university computing labs, classroom equipment loan, and videoconferencing telecommunications, and event support. For obvious reasons, classroom and lab support are the highest priorities for LEMP. Technical support of special events sponsored by the University administrative and academic departments, SU faculty and staff, is a LEMP fee-based service (see the list of ITS event support service examples at the end of this document).

The intention of this document is to clarify the role of LEMP in supporting special events and to identify support limitations related to facility, staff, or equipment resources.

There are many events for which LEMP simply does not have adequate equipment or staff resources to support. In those instances, LEMP staff may be available to act in a consulting or even a brokerage role regarding communicating event requirements and facility information to commercial service providers. Some companies with which LEMP has worked successfully with in the past are listed in the 'Outsourcing' section below.

Please review the sections below as guidelines to assist event planners in working with LEMP and/or commercial service providers. LEMP will be as flexible as resources allow in working with these guidelines.

Lead Time and Requesting Support

two weeks minimum, one month or more preferred

Adequate lead time is necessary to provide quality event technical support services. Two weeks is the minimum lead time required by LEMP to plan support of a simple special event (e.g. scheduling an operator for an existing in-house system). A minimum of one month lead time is required for more complicated events, such as those requiring delivery and set up of audio, computer, or video systems. One hour is the minimum set up time required for simple events. Some larger events, require much more lead and set up time.

To request support, please fill out the request form on the LEMP Event Form webpage. If you have a question regarding your event's technology needs, please contact either Steven Lobello or Andrew Wowelko at 443-5661.


Please note that to provide Event Support, LEMP will need a Chartstring or ID from the sponsoring faculty/staff member or department before the events happening. Payment can be made out to Learning Environments and Media Production and can be sent to Don Kilts at or Room 112A Lyman Hall, 100 College Place, Syracuse, NY 13244.

Our charges are as follows:

Rental Fees:


*( Please note that there is an additional minimum 1hr staffing charge for setting up/breaking down equipment. Students are primarily used for video capture, and are used at our discretion)

Events Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is so special about LEMP Event Support?

A. The amount of technical expertise needed to plan and implement the event requirements put this type of service in a different category beyond the regular use of classroom technologies.

Q. How can one request event support from LEMP?

A. Requests can be made by filling out the request form on the Learning Environment and Media Production site.

Q. Where can Event Support services take place?

A. Normally inside Auditoriums, Classrooms, Large meeting places such as Hendricks Chapel, and open lobby areas. Some occur outdoors where we have limited involvement. In this case, we outsource to a vendor to provide services.

Q. What services do you provide for my event?

A. We provide consulting to determine your requirements and what we can provide. Equipment and operational services for audio engineering and presentation displays are provided.  Assistive Listening and CART services are also provided.

Q. Do you provide staging and theatrical lighting services?

A. No, we will consult and outsource for those services.

Q. Will LEMP Event Support service regular classes?

A. LEMP Event Support can be engaged for classes. In some cases, classes may have a need for additional unique technology requirements such as audio or video conferencing.

Q. Can student groups take advantage of special events services?

A. Typically no, but when a student group is associated with a major university event sponsored by an academic department exceptions can be made.

Planning Guide, questions we like to ask

 Essential Information

Equipment Request Prompts



Presentation Needs

Technical Support

Learning Environments and Media Production contacts:

Andrew Wowelko - 443-5661 (primary LE  Events contact)

Steven Lobello - 443-5661 (primary LE  Events contact)

Mike O'Mara- 443-3788 (Director, Learning Environments and Media Production)

Don Kilts- 443-3780 (LE Billing Contact)

Marketing contacts:

Two other units of Marketing may be able to provide media production support for special events:

Steve Sartori - 443-1832 (Manager, Photo & Imaging Center)

Mary Kasprzyk- 443-5644 (Video Production Unit)

ITS special events service examples

Sources and Relevant Links

Accessable SU

Disabilities Cultural Center

Information Technology and Services

Learning Environments and Technology Services


When requested support of special events is out of scope or beyond LEMP's ability to support, there are a number of commercial service providers that may be used. Some examples follow:






Disability Services: Computer Assisted Realtime Translation

Caption Advantage

Doreen Radin


Disability Services: Computer Assisted Realtime Translation

Professional Reporting Services

Sally Maiorano


Disability Services: Sign Language Interpreters

Empire InterpretingJay Slaterhttp://www.empireinterpreting.com315-472-1383

Disability Services: Sign Language Interpreters

Aurora of Central New York



Rental: Backline, PA and Lighting

Bam Productions

Phil Dalessandro


Rental: Display Systems, Video

Francis Audio Visual

Bill Francis


Rental: Small PA, Display Systems

Visual Technologies

David Foor