Opening and New TA Orientation Notes (+onboarding new students)



Official folder where orientation + onboarding materials have been saved:

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                                                      NOTES FOR ONBOARDING INCOMING STUDENTS

New International graduate students will start arriving in early August. They have been advised to visit Slutzker Center asap, and then their home department. When they visit, I usually go over key facts to make sure they have the info they need. Then I give them a quick building tour: their 4th floor office, the main office, clinic, main teaching classrooms/stolkin, grad lounge, and mailboxes (etc.). I attached a first draft of what I would use for notes on check-in process here as a guide, edited from prior years with the new student info (many arrival dates and plans to take quals have not been confirmed this early so it is only a starting point to work from – see electronic file: .


**Students are advised to use as a guides and this site has already been updated for this year and set the incoming class. See email for details on what students were already told.









**best resource if there are questions:








**best resource if there are questions: Profs. Catterall & Soderberg


Current status of Orientation schedule for Fall 2018—see document in notes folder: