For processing purposes, Graduate Fellowships can be broken down into two categories:  EXTRNAL to the department and INTERNAL to the department. 

External fellowships (e.g., STEM, University, etc.) are awarded and processed through the Graduate Awards unit after nomination by Department Committee.  The financial transactions for those awards are not accessible to department personnel.  These awards almost always include tuition support as well as stipend support.

INTERNAL fellowships are funds awarded under the direction of Department faculty or committee.  These funds are usually sponsored awards (trainees or participants separately budgeted in the award budget), gift/donor funds used to supplement other funding or support students during funding gaps, and may or may not include tuition support.  

Some internal "fellowships" are actually sponsored or non-sponsored awards that support or enhance the WORK of a graduate student on a particular project.  The beneficiary in these cases is the sponsor or University project, not the student's training or education.  Although the title of these awards may include the word "fellowship," the stipends are processed through the payroll system and include applicable fringe benefit and Facilities and Administrative Cost and are generally subject to payroll taxes, minimum wage policies, etc.

Other internal/department awards are not considered "employment," but rather support for students during their education.  These can be full or partial and do not necessarily follow payroll dates or terms.  These award payments are processed through the SU Disbursements Office (after department budget approval and other applicable units (e.g., sponsored/restricted accounting) via a "Stipend Payment Request" form.

Steps for completion of the Internal Stipend Request Form:

Budget Administrator, Research Coordinator, or Budget Manager receives the funding request for a stipend or fellowship from the Faculty member or the faculty member's request forwarded by the Academic Support Coordinator.  The Budget Administrator or Research Coordinator completes the Stipend Payment request as follows: